Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kasey and Preston's Wedding

On July 17 my 3rd to oldest daughter, Kasey, was married to Preston Rigdon in the San Diego Temple. I t was such a special day. Even with all the scaffolding up, the Temple was still beautiful! We're so proud of them both! Thank you everyone who helped in the planning and preparation for this day.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Karilyn and Jon are having a Baby

Jon and Karilyn came down Memorial Day weekend to tell us that the are PREGANAT! I am so excited to be a Grandma again! We're very happy for them! She is due January 6, 2011!

Jessica Graduated

It has finally come! Jessica has graduated from High School! She was so relieved to be done and we are so proud of her! We love you Jessica!

Here are some of her Senior pictures

Playing Catch Up!

This is a long one so buckle up ... and get comfortable!

May 13th was my birthday and Jason made me my birthday cake! He did such a great job, i was very impressed with my son-in-law!

Jason was working the Air-Show this year so we brought the family along for the fun! Jack and Wes loved the planes!

Adventures at Sea World! A snake crossed right in front of us on the sidewalk!

Jason had a picnic for work and they brought in a Fire Truck! Jack had been waiting soooo long to go on a fire truck! He was so excited when one pulled up and they were able to sit in the drivers seat and wear a helmet!

Kasey and Preston were down visiting so we planned a little family trip to the Mormon Battalion.

Jessica is 18! We celebrated at Pump It Up! It was a blast!